Therna (THUR-nuh)

Large and sparsely populated, Therna is mostly wild, untamed frontier.

Language: Thernic

Major Races – Common.

Special Races -

Culture: People of Therna have strong pioneer spirits. Pretty much wild west.

Climate: Though the climate is temperate to arctic, population centers are so sparse that travel can be very dangerous.

Places: Fero – Coastal trade center, Fero can be a wild place

Organizations: Wardens – Knighthood of traveling peacekeepers acting as sheriffs and judges.

Government: Though an elected confederate congress runs the planetary government, many parts of Therna are effectively lawless outside of Warden patrols.

Law: If a Warden is in the area, law will be enforced, but if not, law can be a mixed bag. Some areas are effectively run by gangs of outlaws and some are relatively peaceful with common citizens dealing out vigilante justice when needed.


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