Mithas (MIH-thahs)

Capped in enormous glacial sheets, Mithas is a cold, harsh world of jagged mountainous landscapes with twisted serpentine coasts.

Language: Mithasian

Major Races -

Special Races -

Culture: The people of Mithas get along together well enough, but tend to be fairly serious and hard-working with little time for bullshit. Fewer luxuries are available and many natives of Mithas take up craft hobbies such as wood-carving, knitting, cooking or the intricate tattoo work Mithasians are fond of.

Climate: In the midst of a strong glacial period, Mithas is temperate at best, but dominated by harsh and fickle arctic weather.

Major Places: Proklev – Largest city built mostly underground, Corlaine – Major trade center for offworld commerce.

Organizations: USG Mithas – As the largest manufacturer of interstellar ships and parts, Mithas hosts a major branch of the Spacer’s Guild in Corlaine

Government: Local communities tend to be run by influential clans of the area, but planetary government is run by a meritocratic senate formed of representatives of the major trade guilds.

Law: Law on Mithas can be logically harsh due to the extreme conditions on the world. Unlucky law-breakers may be shipped off to one of the world’s harsh labor camps or off-world penal colonies.


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