Aerisia (ayr-EES-ee-ah)

Built on a terraformed dwarf planet within an asteroid field around a red dwarf, Aerisia has become a sprawling metropolis and the major center for commerce and culture in the civilized galaxy. Once a colony of Aven, Aerisia was always at odds with the Empire thanks to their libertine attitudes and their infamous privateer fleet. In the middle of the Void War, Aerisia finally declared independance and won it after a relatively short campaign against the empire.

Language: Avenian

Major Races – The population is diverse though racially or culturally based neighborhoods aren’t uncommon.

Special Races – Rojen – Rodent-like humanoids presumably brought in as labor during the city’s foundation are common.

Culture: Jazz era mega-metropolis. Aerisia leads the galactic web in commerce, luxury and entertainment. Aerisians are big on entertainment and style, but can sometimes be finicky and fickle about trends.

Climate: Artificially controlled by ancient terraforming technology, the climate of Aerisia is very comfortable, but due to logistics of the planetoid, it experiences fairly wet weather and quite a bit of rain. Non-natives may also find the sight of the Aerisia’s red sun looming large in the sky off-putting.

Places: While Aerisia itself inspires visions of a sprawling urban mass, it’s surrounded by thousands of miles of land and sea dotted with slower-paced agricultural towns.

Organizations: Citidel Blue – When Aerisia spilt from Aven, The Citidel Blue Mage Guild formed independantly from Citidel Sapphire, Red Star Syndicate – an elite group of some of the most notorious gangsters in the galaxy calls Aerisia its home, USG Aerisia – The largest branch of the United Spacer’s Guild is based on Aerisia

Government: Constitutional Monarchy with an elected Parliament.
Duke and Duchess Rauss and Millia Alwinn are the figurehead rulers with Prime Minister Hale Blakely the current head of Parliament.

Law: Though law and punishment tend to be less restrictive than many other worlds, Aerisia has some of the best law enforcement in the galaxy, cutting their teeth in the sprawling city against the infamous criminals of the Syndicate


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